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Swag Valances

Imagine a window wearing a flowing scarf, but with extra drama! They're soft fabric draped over a rod, like a swag, creating a graceful curve & cascading down the sides. They add elegance, movement & texture to windows, perfect for a touch of romance or whimsy. 


  • Ditch stiff valances, embrace graceful curves and cascading fabric.
  • From ethereal sheers to bold patterns, dress your windows in endless chic.
  • Say goodbye to fuss, hello to easy hanging and instant personality boost.
  • Filter sunshine, soften lines, elevate any space with a touch of magic.

Scarf Valances

Scarf valances are a type of window treatment that is made from a long piece of fabric that is draped over a window frame. They are often made from sheer or lightweight fabrics, and they can be used to add a touch of elegance or whimsy to a room.  


  •  Ditch the stuffy, embrace graceful curves that dance in the light.
  • From breezy sheers to playful prints, dress your windows in endless style.
  •  Skip the fuss, hang with ease, and watch your space blossom with personality.
  •  Filter light, soften lines, and add a touch of magic to any room.

Balloon Valances

Balloon valances add playful puffs and personality, in endless styles. Easy hanging, instant charm, with light filtering and fun. Dress your space with a touch of whimsy. 


  • Balloon valances add playful puffs and a touch of whimsy.
  • From playful prints to sleek solids, dress your space in personality.
  • Effortless charm and instant drama, your windows deserve a pop of delight.
  • Filter sunshine, soften lines, let your space blossom with a touch of magic.

Ascot Valances

Ascot valances are all about elegance with a twist! Imagine a graceful drape like a flowing scarf, but with a gathered center that adds fullness and dimension. They bring a touch of sophistication and movement to your windows, perfect for those seeking a unique and stylish touch.


  • Ascot valances drape like scarves, with a gathered center for graceful dimension.
  • From airy sheers to plush velvet, they dress your windows in endless chic.
  • Easy hanging, instant drama - say hello to windows that steal the show.
  • Filter sunshine, soften lines, let your space blossom with a touch of refined charm.

Cafe Valances

Cafe valances bring a touch of cozy charm  to your windows! Imagine chic, short curtains hanging just above the sill, framing the view and adding a pop of personality.  


  • Play with prints and colors in both the curtains and valance for a personalized touch.
  • Simple to install and hang, they add instant charm without breaking the bank.
  • Pair them with blinds or shades for extra light control and layered style.
  •  Filter sunshine and let the view in while maintaining privacy.

Shaped Valances

Shaped valances are the rebels of the window treatment world! Ditch the straight lines and embrace unique silhouettes that add a touch of personality and drama to your windows. 


  • Arches, scallops, or geometric whimsy - dress your windows in unique flair.
  • From luxe velvet to airy sheers, play with fabrics & shapes to match your personality.
  • Easy hanging, big impact - your windows deserve the spotlight.
  • Filter sunshine, soften lines, let your space bloom with playful personality & practicality.

Tailored Valances

Tailored valances are the crisp and clean queens of window treatments. Imagine a perfectly rectangular fabric, sometimes adorned with subtle ruffles or scallops, bringing a touch of polished elegance to your space.


  • Their versatile style complements both contemporary and timeless settings.
  • Add a touch of polish and polish, without overwhelming the room.
  • Simple rod pocket hanging makes them a fuss-free upgrade.
  • Simple to install and maintain, they elevate your space without fuss.  

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